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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Find on Etsy

I've caught the sewing bug of late.
Yep, fabric as well as paper.
So much so, that I have being eyeing off these cute patterns for sweet little girls!!
I can see Ella, my four yr old in one of these and the pattern is simple.
I can teach myself anything and work it out, well, usually anyway, but if I get in real trouble I have a very handy sewing MIL and a few friends that sew, so I'm set!!!

In saying that, my sewing machine is my Mum's. She doesn't sew these days, and gave it to me to use!! It's probably nearly as old and me, but doesn't skip a beat. It sews paper mainly, and gets shocked when I stick some fabric under the foot!!

Anyway onto today's Weekend find on Etsy...

It's a shop called Oh so Sassy and the girl that runs it is from Arizona in the US. She sells patterns and DIY kits in different styles and sizes.

Here's the cute dress I am thinking about for Ella.

Adorable isn't it??

Chat soon,


Tanyah Payne said...

WOW, that it is and MORE! oh my gosh this is gorgeous chelle!...and elle would look stunning too... I love the colours in this material, just think of all the papers this dress would go with too... hehe!!!
luv tanXx

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Love it Chelle and yes I think Miss E would look adorable in one!!