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Friday, January 15, 2010

Chelley Bean Designs Article

With so much going on over Christmas, New Years and then a holiday...I've hardly had time to mention my article, that I wrote all about Chelley Bean Designs that was published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol.11 No.12.
Very exciting indeed.
Talk about a great 2 page spread...I was very excited to see it in the flesh.
It's all about Chelly Bean Designs and how it began and maybe where I'm going.

If you didn't see it, there's a pic below...

How can you not get excited?

In other news, I've been featured again on Etsy today in a turquoise treasury this time.
I'm loving all this exposure...

Chat soon,


aussiescrapper said...

Congratulations Michelle, that is some great exposure alright, you must be very excited. Good for you.

bubbachenille said...

OOOH Very exciting for you, Congratulations!

'Joyce' said...

Congrats Chelle, that's wonderful. You are going to be a busy girl this year. Go for it.