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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pretty Things on Pinterest

I'm currently making over my son, Zac's bedroom.
I've spent today painting.
Sound like fun?

The walls needed freshening up before we lay new flooring.
I thought I'd have a look through Pinterest and see what I could find to
dress his room up a bit!
So, I put "boys bedrooms" in the search engine and this is what I found
that I liked...

How awesome are those monogram letters?
I do like those. Maybe I could do a big canvas with "Z's" on it?
He's 8, so nothing too babyish was the request!
I like the pallet behind the bed...that's cool!

Wow...fabulous bed/Day bed!
Loving that world map too...

Awww... I like this...

Great way of displaying stuff!

Fabulous book storage.
Pity he's got a bookcase!

We have a Lego addict.
This would be great!

Or these...they are awesome!!!

Lots to think about...
At least I have some ideas!

Chat soon,

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