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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pretty Things on Pinterest

It's the Olympics!!
I just LOVE the Olympics.
Love everything it stands for.

Trying to become the best in your sport,
or doing a superhuman effort and beating your person best.
I admire their committment to their sport.
The sacrafices they must have to make to become the best!

I also love that the Olympics brings people from all the nations on earth together.
It doesn't matter where you come from, they all have one goal.
To do their best and to achieve the impossible.

I'm a very proud Australian, and I wish all our athletes the very best in their individual events.
I'll be watching you!

Here's some pics I found on Pinterest...the symbol of unity!

Source: olympic.org via Michelle on Pinterest

Inspirational Aussie Athletes...

I really liked the Australian outfits for the Opening Ceremony.
Better than previous years!

This guy has had a rough week.
 Fingers crossed he does ok in the Final tomorrow!

Have a great week!

Chat soon,


'Joyce' said...

Love, love LOVE the Olympics. Not a huge fan of the media.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Me too...Media are a little tunnel-visioned with their coverage. They definately LOVE swimming. Would be nice for more coverage of other sports, like Archery.
Maybe they could have used Gem channel to air more sports for people to watch. It's very repetitive atm on TV.